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Kopyright Infringement by Khloe?

khloe Kardashian gets slapped with $10 Million copyright lawsuit.

A kopyright lawsuit has been filed against Khloe Kardashian and Good American, for kopying a katsuit by bling-loving, never met a rhinestone she didn’t like designer, Destiney Bleu of D. bleu Dazzled.

Keep up with me. For I will be using K’s where normally there’d be C’s. And from here on out, Khloe will be known as K and Destiney as D.

Still with me? Ok, here’s the jist of the whopping $10 million dollar lawsuit:

About 3 years ago K’s team requested several bodysuits from D; and of kourse when a Kardashian wants to wear your klothes, you send them out ASAP. Why? Because they have the size of small kountries following them. D smartly obliged. But after several requests (16 in total), they weren’t worn; according to D, they were being kopied!

Copyright infringement lawsuit against khloe kardashian.

(not exact nude bodysuit by D shown in pic)

So when Good American launched their bodysuit (2017) and D noticed that they looked an awful lot like her designs, she immediately asked kindly…and by kindly–she along with her loyal and devoted fans, kalled her ass out (K) on social media!

K went into power mode (lawyered the hell up) and sent D a cease and desist letter. Threatening to sue over her public griping and for kalling out what D felt like was K acting like a kulture vulture. Things seemed to kalm down. Until now. Three years later, D fired back up her bedazzler and got to gluing K’s name to legal papers.

And so here we are–a $10 million dollar lawsuit. Which Good American nor K has responded to.

I got $10 (that’s ten dollars) on an out of kourt settlement.

What say you?

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