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Workout At Home In Heels!

Ok, so it’s going on a month here in the U.S. that we’ve been asked to stay in the house.

And I don’t know about you, but some pants I could wear in March, are a little (ok-a lot), tighter in April. Dammit, it’s been so hard to stay six feet away from my refrigerator!

You’re probably asking, how did I even come to the realization that my pants no longer fit? Who’s getting dressed up? Well I got a lil bored and decided to play dress-up. And as I walked past my high heels (yes, I display them like priceless artwork), they seemed to be saying: “We wanna play too…wear me mommy.”

Therefore I decided to oblige them, I gently reached for a pair of crystal black stilettos and snatched my black tuxedo pants off the hanger…and bae bay, dem lil suckers wouldn’t zip! OMG, those damn magical yoga pants (black magic mind you), fooled me into thinking that I hadn’t gained an ounce of weight!

I immediately went into oh-hell-no-mode and sprinted to my computer; in search of a quick yet effective workout, to get my waistline back and to keep my legs from shaking like jello. I ransacked You Tube and stumbled upon this quick and sexy 5 minute heel workout...whaaaaaat!!??

Could this be true? Could this be safe?

Duh, Beyonce works out in heels all the time. She performs on stage for over two hours in heels; all the while singing about being crazy, dangerously and drunk in love!

This video by DivaFit is awesome. And might I add–sexy! You gotta be quick and at times you’ll feel clumsy trying to keep up. But after repeating a few times, it was an easy and provocative workout. That will not only tone up those legs, but just might spice up your sex-life. That is, if you’re lucky enough to have a quarantine bae.😘

Anyway, go get your Beyonce on. And as they say in the video: “Diva’s don’t sweat, they shine!”

Shine on Ms. Heel🌟

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