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A Spring In Our (tentative) Steps!

Well hello Spring…and to you Ms. Heel!

As we all stare out sun-filled windows, wishing to go out and play, how many of you are also dying to throw away those woolly winter socks and step your cute lil feet into a great pair of springtime heels?

Well we feel ya! So we scoured the New York, Paris and Milan runways to bring you our top ten trends in heels to wear this spring (hopefully) 🀞 –after a much needed pedicure.😘

1. Being Mary Jane

Go ahead Ms. Heel, walk on sunshine in these brightly colored, classic Mary Janes. As seen here on the Carolina Herrera runway. ($: unkonwn)

2 & 3. Boots & Bubble Gum Colors

I mean…c’mon, when these doors fly open, we’re gonna walk & chew gum (at the same time), giddily down the street, in these cutie pies by: Paris Texas $825

4. Unchained Melodies

Unchain our hearts and these front doors and let us roam freely in these gorg Bottega Veneta heels. $1180

5 . Have A Sneaker…You’re Not Yourself!

We must confess, these kinda had us scratching our heads…but, in the end, we all decided that on the right Ms. Heel, these sneaker/heels would be fun! Made by: Adventure Time, $69.90

6. What’s Your Platform?

Leave’em all green with envy Ms. Heel, when you strut into any pool party this summer!πŸ’š

Elisabetta Franchi $: unknown

7 & 8. This Is Not A (Espa)drilleEverything Is Gonna Be All White!

See what we did there? This is not a drille…everything’s gonna be all white. We’re having a little fun with word play. And you’ll definitely be having fun while wearing the quintessential white summer shoe and a fan fav for any summer! Espadrilles: $26.80

9. Dip Your Toe In!

The runways were filled with an emphasis on high-lighting the big toe! We saw an array of strappy heels and sandals with great designs, that spotlighted the ol’ big guy

Cult Gaia $428

10. Mach Speed To The Glam Life!

Mach & Mach took all our collective breaths away, with these beautiful satin heels. So feminine, so lady-like, so glam… and soooo ready to be worn at any summer wedding. We say I do! Mach& Mach $960

Written by The Ms. Heel

You can follow her on ig @VeliciaHill

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